Dylan Agnes

Research Scientist II
Degree Track: 
B.S. & M. Architecture
Technical Design Assistance, Daylighting Design & Analysis, Lighting Design & Analysis, Energy Modeling, Website Design & Management, Scripting/Coding, 3D Print Lab
Years with Lab: 
208.364.4622 | dagnes@uidaho.edu
After earning a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Idaho, Moscow, Dylan studied the science and engineering of building design, completing a Master's in Architecture with an emphasis in urban planning and net-zero/energy efficiency building design. As a student he worked at the Integrated Design Lab and gained hands-on experience in the practice of Integrated Design. As an IDL Research assistant, Dylan worked with both the architectural and engineering side of integrated design, providing a broader opportunity to cross over fields of study. Since graduation, Dylan has been working as a Research Scientist at the IDL and has been working on a wide range of projects from Energy Modeling to Daylighting Design.