CAA Boise 3D Printing

Welcome to the CAA Boise - Print Lab

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Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, is an emerging technology that some have claimed will usher in a 4th industrial revolution. It has already changed product development practices by enabling rapid prototyping that speeds up development timelines for new products.

The OS (open-source) model has a natural overlap with much of the founding philosophy of 3D printing and is exemplified by pioneers RepRap.

Students have access to all (4) 3D printers by submitting a completed 3D print request form to Dylan Agnes. A place in the print queue is secured once students have submitted this completed form to and have uploaded their 3D print file to the Outlook OneDrive shared folder. When a print request is approved the student will be emailed confirmation and the cost of the print.

There is a 2-4 day time period for completion of the 3D prints. Prints are scheduled once a completed 3D print request form and the file are submitted and approved for printing.

Cost Breakdown:

$5 set-up charge + $0.50/hour (print time) + $0.10/gram (material) = Total Cost 

• Set-up charge includes 4 hours of print time, model review, and slicer set-up.
• Printing set-up by IDL employees will use the most economical settings unless specified in the 3D print request form.

$2 flat fee + $0.50/hour (print time) + $0.10/gram (material) = Total Cost

• If students set-up their own print then only a $2 flat fee will be charged.
• Students are responsible for any print failures or defects.


  • $5.00 Setup Fee
  • Time: 22h16m
  • Time Charged: 16h
  • Time Cost: $8.00
  • Filament Used: 87g
  • Filament Cost: $8.70
  • Total Cost: $21.70

Remember to double check your file units, scale, and type. There will be no refunds issued for prints that are not to the students liking due to errors made in their file.


Students will have access to CAA Boise – Print Lab 24/7 using their vandal card. Prints can only be started by IDL employees or students that have been certified by Dylan Agnes. Prints will only be started between 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday.

If you need to schedule a print outside the designated printing hours please contact Dylan Agnes (

It is the student's responsibility to clean up the print (e.g. cut off excess supports/materials, clean, sand, etc.) after the print is complete. All scrap material must be disposed of properly and all debris/dust must be swept and discarded.

Picking Up Prints:

Students will be emailed when a print is ready for pick-up. Payment for print is due upon pick-up unless the student has pre-paid.

To pay for your prints please visit the UIdaho Marketplace: Click Here