Digital Air Pressure Monitor

Air Pressure or Velocity
Sensor Range (Accuracy): 
Accuracy ±1% F.S. of selected range (combined linearity and hysteresis) Temperature Effect 1" 0.05%/°C; 10"

The T-VER-PX3UL transducer can measure either air pressure or velocity with the flip of a switch. The PX3 is available in three installation configurations: duct, panel, or universal. Duct and panel models have two pressure and velocity range options: 0-1" WC /0-3,000 ft/min or 0-10" WC / 0-7,000 ft/min, with seven fields electable sub-ranges for pressure and eight for velocity. All variants are available with and without display. The PX3 has an IP65/NEMA 4 environmental rating.