Sustainable Design & Practice Benefits

Sponsored by the Idaho Power Company, the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab (UI-IDL) developed this series of infographics to communicate sustainable design & practice Benefits of five different building types for their bottom line impact on efficiency for each building type. Architects and engineers can also use this information to make early design decisions with compelling numbers for additional non-energy benefits of energy efficient design. Currently, there are five printable, single-sided 8.5X11" infographics describing specific benefits and strategies for Grocery, Hotel, Multi-family Housing, Office, and Retail building types.


1. Broadening the scope of sustainable design effectiveness beyond simple utility cost payback gives a more accurate picture of the financial benefits available through sustainable design

2. Strategies for specific occupancy types highlight the solutions that are most effective and easiest to achieve for each unique set of needs. Efficiency tips for additional building types can be found at

3. Better information during the design phase means a more accurate prediction of a building’s performance, avoiding costly changes down the road

4. Readily available and easily understandable information means increased participation in efficiency programs by designers, employees, and users of a space

5. Energy strategies that go beyond building design and highlight savings opportunities in day to day operation mean greater energy savings with minimal cost

6. Sustainable design and responsible energy consumption can increase a user’s comfort and appreciation, leading to more positive user experiences and an increase in community support and interaction

7. Power companies offer financial incentives to help offset the costs of implementing sustainable design strategies. Available for new construction, retrofits, custom projects, and flex peak programs, Idaho Power helps to make it more affordable than ever to incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient design decisions into your project. Additional information on Idaho Power incentive programs can be found at


Energy and cost savings attributed to efficiency measures are well documented. However, with additional opportunities to increase comfort, efficiency, community involvement, and customer satisfaction, sustainable design and practice could have an impact on your bottom line far beyond reduced utility bills.
ENTIRE SERIES of Sustainable Design & Practice Benefits
- Grocery
- Hotels
- Multi-Family
- Office
- Retail