EnergyPlus Fan Energy Calculator

This spreadsheet was created in order to aid with determining the fan inputs into EnergyPlus via equations from ASHRARE 90.1 Appendix G (for baseline systems) and fan specifications (for proposed systems). Three key inputs are needed in EnergyPlus:
  • Supply Fan Total Efficiency
  • Supply Fan Delta Pressure {Pa}
  • Supply Fan Motor Efficiency

  • In order to calculate these inputs, this spreadsheet will lead you through a series of steps, depending on the system type required for your building type. The tabs of this spreadsheet are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Systems 1 & 2
  • Systems 3 & 4
  • Systems 5 - 8
  • Proposed System
  • Resources
  • Colored cells signify inputs, outputs, links, and instructive text.