BSUG August 25th - Automated 2D Heat Transfer using Grasshopper

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Automated 2D Heat Transfer using Grasshopper

Target Audience:

Engineers, Architects, & Simulationists


Date and Time:

August 25th, 2021 – Noon to 1:00 p.m. MT




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The predominant tool for 2D heat transfer analysis is THERM which has a toilsome interface for drafting and post-processing façade details. The proposed interoperable algorithmic modeling (IAM) workflow utilizes the friendly drafting environment in Rhino as inputs to a Grasshopper (GH) file that utilizes open source Ladybug Tools to set up, simulate and post-process unique customizable heat transfer results. The GH file is interoperable with THERM and InDesign to generate and automate the generation of a consistent thermal analysis report. This workflow cuts down on production time, generates consistent outputs, and advocates interoperability in a user-friendly environment.


Kyleen Rockwell

Kyleen Rockwell is a Senior Sustainable Engineer and Architect at HKS. She has a strong track record of designing and implementing design strategies that improve the built environment for all stakeholders by evaluating energy performance for various stages of design, daylight and glare analysis, building envelope thermal modeling, and thermal comfort analysis. Kyleen currently serves on the LEED Energy and Atmosphere Technical Advisory Group (EA TAG), ASHRAE SSPC 90.1, Board of Directors for IBPSA-USA, and volunteers both locally and nationally with AIA on sustainability and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion issues.