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Flow Meter, Dynasonics UFX Flow Meters UFX
Portable Liquid Flowmeter Flow Meters PT878
FLEXIM Ultra Sonic Flowmeter Flow Meters Fluxus F601
CEM Sound Level Meter Sound Reading DT-8852
Stroboscope (Battery Powered) Digital Stroboscope NOVA-STROBE BB115
Extech Digital Contact Tachometer Tachometer 461891
Dent RoCoil Flexible CT Current Transformer >1000 Amps CT-RMV-16-1000
Dent Flexible AC Current Probe, 3000A Current Transformer >1000 Amps FLEX 3000L
Powerbank Thermal Cameras Accessories N/A
Laser Distance Meter Light Accessories DT60M
FLEX.US Ultrasound Leak Detector Air Air Leak Detection FLEX.US
Digital Pressure Transducer - Dry Media, Veris Air Air Pressure PXYKX05S
Digital Air Pressure Monitor Air Air Pressure PX3UL
Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor Air Air Quality Telaire 7001
Personal O3 Monitor Air Air Quality POM
Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor w/ Data Logging, BAPI Air Air Quality BA/BS3F-DCD10-H210-102-Z-BNK
Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor w/ Data Logging, Veris Air Air Quality
VOC and Temperature Monitor w/ Data Logging, Bapi Air Air Quality BA/BS3F-VOC10-H210-102-Z-BNK
CO2 Logger Air Air Quality MX1102A
Sling Psychrometer Air Air Quality Bacharach 0012-7012
Infrared Camera E50bx Thermal Cameras Camera E50bx
FLIR C2 Portable Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal Cameras Camera C2
Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp Current Transformer Current Clamp 323
Plug Load Data Logger Energy Electrical UX120-18
Circuit Breaker Finder Energy Electrical 61-534