About Us

The University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab in Boise [IDL] is dedicated to the development of high-performing energy efficient buildings in the Intermountain West. This is approached through research, education and outreach efforts with students, owners, and professional design and construction teams to transform design practice and keep pace with technologies, materials and methods of construction that best meet the needs of building owners and society in general. Those who utilize the resources available through the IDL will design and construct buildings that are more comfortable for people, follow best practice design approaches, require less energy to maintain and operate, and enhance the health and productivity of inhabitants.


The UI-IDL does not provide comprehensive design services, construction documents, or specifications for project execution. All services and recommendations provided by the UI-IDL require due diligence by a licensed professional of record. It is the intent of the UI-IDL to supplement contracted design activity in private practice and not to compete with billable services provided by professional design teams. Therefore, the scope of services for each project my vary depending on need and availability of services with in the contracted design team. If desired, the UI-IDL will support and educate design teams on relevant practices and services to support market transformation. Below is a selected list of services available from UI-IDL to support the integrated design process.

Design Tools

In our work we often find recurring time barriers to achieving energy savings in buildings. Sometimes we are successful in securing funding to create tools that will help to remove these barriers. The energy efficiency design tools available here provide design teams with information to support improved decision making in early design stages.

Technical Design Assistance

An Idaho Power program to assist building owners in meeting energy efficiency design that goes above the current code standard. This program is generally used through Architecture and Engineering firms but is available to facilities managers as well. Technical design assistance is divided into three phases depending on work associated with the project.

Lunch and Learn

Each year the IDL presents a handful of topics to professional Architecture & Engineering firms. These topics cover a wide range of design and building applications such as energy modeling and daylighting. Topics are focused on helping a firm integrate energy efficiency practices into their projects and design process. Each presentation is about an hour. All in attendance will receive 1 AIA CEU as well as a certificate to verify attendance. The classes marked with (HSW) qualify for Health, Safety and Welfare credit. For a complete list of topics offered for lunch and learn please follow the link.

BSUG 2.0

The Building Simulation Users Group (BSUG) was created in 2009 to help to start a community centered around architecture and engineering-focused building simulation. Three years, later, BSUG secured funding for another three years from the Idaho Power Company, whom also provided funding for the 1st three years. Dubbed "BSUG 2.0" the second cycle of the group made some tweaks to its mission and aspired to provide more value to its members than just a static lecture series. Users groups are in unique positions to generate content that draws upon the diverse expertise of its members and guest lectures. This content has the potential to help support and add value to the established simulation community.