Logger Module

Flexsmart Analog, Extra Channels

4-20mA, Air Velocity, Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air Flow, DC Current, DC Voltage , Differential Pressure, Kilowatts (kW), Volatile Organic Compound

The 12-bit FlexSmart Analog Input Module for use with the H22-001 Energy Logger handles two single-ended input channels with user-configurable ranges of 0 to 20mA DC or 0 to 20 V DC which is suitable for 2.5-, 5-, and 10-volt sensors. Field wiring is 2- or 3-wire via screw terminals.

2 input channels of 0-20mA and/or 0-20 VDC
Provides 12V sensor excitation and user-configurable warm-up

The S-FS-CVIA Sensor is for use in Indoor environments


HOBO Energy Logger Pro


Monitor energy and industrial equipment with this 15-channel data logger (Part # H22-001). With multiple channels, energy and facility managers can quickly and easily detect and address a variety of issues relating to HVAC, machinery, and other systems. The HOBO H22-001 Energy Data Logger is modular and more economic than its alternatives because a toolbox full of data loggers is not necessary.


HOBO FlexSmart TRMS Module

Current | Voltage

The Logger is a modular, reconfigurable data logging system used in energy and industrial monitoring applications. The 15-channel system enables the user to quickly and easily perform a broad range of monitoring applications. You can use the HOBO FlexSmart Logger with a number of Smart Sensors. It can also be sued with FlexSmart signal conditioning modules to covert signals from many types of Onset and third party sensors. HOBOware software communicates with the logger, allowing you to customize the configuration settings, download data from the Logger, and plot the data for analysis.