LD+A reviews "Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest"

Fred Oberkircher takes a look at the recently published book authored by Christopher Meek or the University of Washington Integrated Design Lab and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg of the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab.

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Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest

Congratulations Idaho Power!

The Integrated Design Lab would like to congratulate our collaborators at Idaho Power Company (IDACORP) on their recent Target Rock "Sustainable Utility Leader" Award. IPC is one of eight utilities being recognized "for their performance and management of the classic pillars of sustainability: environmental stewardship, economic performance and societal contribution."

"Idaho leads much of the nation in energy code compliance"

A local article by Boise Weekly highlighting the happenings at the Idaho Environmental Forum this last month. Of particular interest was our friend Ken Baker's talk about "..'energy codes,' the government standards used by designers and builders to realize energy savings while protecting natural resources." Check out the full article here!

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Boise Weekly website

Let there be daylight: New book illustrates use of natural light in design

The University of Washington sits down with their own research associate professor Christopher Meek to discuss the publication of the book that he recently co-authored with Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg of the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab. Check it out here!

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Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest

EnergyPlus Training FAQ

When we announced our plan to run an EnergyPlus training (for both architects and engineers), we also launched a survey to gauge the interest of the people in the region. We have also received feedbacks on our plan. We have answered the questions directly to the person, but we think it will be useful for everyone to know what other people are thinking. The summary is presented in the form of question-and-answer below.

About the Workshop?

Question: What is the aim of this workshop?

EnergyPlus Training Detailed Syllabus

Detailed Syllabus
Below is the complete list of topics to be covered in the EnergyPlus Workshop. Each session will start with a short lecture, typically 10 minutes but can be longer. The workshop will focus of participants experience in going through the problems anddevelop a good work habit in doing simulation.

Session Topic Description

EnergyPlus Training at IDL Feb 14 - 16

The University of Idaho, Integrated Design Lab-Boise (IDL) is running a three-day EnergyPlus workshop in Feb 14 -16, 2011. Energy Plus is a free software program available at and supported by the US DOE. The workshop is designed in the form of a la carte menu such that participants can choose topics based on their needs and interests. Day 1 and Day 2 is relevant to architects and mechanical engineers with little or no experience with Energy Plus.

Survey on EnergyPlus Training

The University of Idaho, Integrated Design Lab-Boise is developing a multiple-day training for Energy Plus! We would like to get input from you so we can put together the most effective and efficient workshop. Please take a moment to answer these nine short questions to help us gauge interest in an EnergyPlus workshop.