June BSUG Postponed

Upcoming BSUG is Postponed

The State of Autodesk Simulation Software - Revit

Target Audience:

Engineers, Architects, & Simulationists


Date and Time:

Temporary Postponed




Zoom Webinar




WEBINAR Presentation Postponed


Hello BSUG members,

We hope this announcement finds you well during these times. We must regretfully inform you that this month's BSUG is being postponed due to licensing issues with Autodesk’s software. Our speaker lost access to all Autodesk software programs including Revit and Insight due to a policy update issued during June 2020. This change in policy was not known until recently when project case studies were to be built in Revit so that Insight simulation results, analysis, and geometry construction workflows that could be compared against our current models or simulations built in Openstudio and Radiance. Therefore, we feel it is best to postpone this lecture until the licensing issues can be resolved so that we can present you with complete lecture that contains more than just analytical data or analysis about the software programs. Furthermore, we believe that including live or step-by-step tutorials that explain the reason and justification for inputs or output of simulations to be valuable, but also, using case studies in the state of Idaho to be a defining feature of the BSUG lecture series that we would like to maintain. We apologize for the postponement of this lecture and any inconveniences it may cause. Please look for an additional announcement this week about when this lecture will be rescheduled and again, we are truly sorry for this delay as we know some of you, ourselves included, we looking forward to this presentation.

The Integrated Design Lab