Tool Loan Library- A Free Resource to Idaho Power Company Customers

The Tool Loan Library is a free resource available to Idaho Power Company customers. Hundreds of diagnostic tools are available for check-out to support your next energy efficiency project. Idaho Power Company and/or IDL personnel are available to answer questions about how tools can be used for specific applications and with help generating a measurement plan. Contact Dylan Agnes or Tool Loan Assistant with questions or fill out the tool request form and UI-IDL staff will contact you with regard to your loan. You do not need to know what tools are needed, just explain the project you want to do and the proper tools will be assigned.
Examples of past loans include:
 Energy audits
 Lighting energy use
 Chiller efficiency metrics (kW/ton)
 Air balance issues, proper coil air flow
 Lighting studies
 Building commissioning work

A complete listing of tools is available for viewing in our online library. See attachments on individual tool pages for data sheets and instructions.

What is needed to fill out a tool loan proposal? First, if you do not already have one, you will need to create an account on the main IDL webpage. After you have an account, fill out the tool request form (above) fill in the requested information about the location and type of project you are working on. You do not need to know what specific tools you will need. Just describe the information you want to collect and the IDL staff will make sure you have the appropriate tools for your situation. Some tools require a qualified electrical worker for installation.