OpenStudio Measure Writing - Big Ladder Software

EnergyPlus and OpenStudio Training

June 21st 2019

Target Audience:

Engineers, Architects, & Simulationists –


Date and Time:

June 21st – 08:00 to 5:00 p.m. MT


Boise, ID Integrated Design Lab Classroom 306 S. 6th Street


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Three years ago the Integrated Design Lab hosted an energy modeling workshop series led by Big Ladder Software, where over three days participants learned the basics of OpenStudio and EnergyPlus as well as more advanced energy modeling techniques and workflows. The IDL is interested in hosting a Big Ladder Software workshop that focuses on OpenStudio Measuring Writing and its SDK. The cost for participants is $475 for a one-day workshop.

OpenStudio Measure Writing:

This one-day workshop focuses on teaching you how to write your own measures for OpenStudio’s powerful scripting and automation framework. We cover the essentials of the OpenStudio API, the Ruby programming language, and the OpenStudio Software Development Kit documentation. We explore all three categories of measures: OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, and Reporting. We will also show how to use a measure to automatically generate a baseline building model for ASHRAE Standard 90.1 compliance. Demonstrations and hands-on exercises are used extensively throughout.


We (Big Ladder Software) are a Denver-based company dedicated to providing software and services for the building energy modeling industry. The company name reflects our mission to “help our clients reach new heights”. As a software company we handle all phases of software development: design, implementation, testing, documentation, support, and training. We have a special passion for open-source software. Our current open-source projects include Elements, Kiva, Modelkit/Params, Euclid, and an Atom package for EnergyPlus.