Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

The following information copied from the NEEA website.

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is a non-profit organization working to maximize energy efficiency to meet our future energy needs. NEEA is supported by, and works in collaboration with, the Bonneville Power Administration, Energy Trust of Oregon and more than 100 Northwest utilities on behalf of more than 12 million energy consumers.

What does NEEA do?

We use the market power of the region to accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices within the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Click here to read more about how NEEA does this.

Why does our work matter?

By dramatically increasing both the long-term potential for energy efficiency and real-time results, NEEA is helping the Northwest achieve a more sustainable future. Since 1997, the region, in collaboration with NEEA, has saved enough energy to power more than 450,000 homes each year from these efforts.

By maximizing energy efficiency, we are:

  • Satisfying more than half of our new demand for energy
  • Making our economy more competitive
  • Creating jobs
  • Saving Northwest energy consumers money
  • Keeping the Northwest a healthy and vibrant place to live by reducing the need for more power generation


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