Lessons Learned in Local Success Stories - Fall '07

October 3 2007
Abhijeet Pande, Heschong Mahone Group
  Field Study of Daylight Sensing Controls: What Works and What Does Not! (61 min)
High quality ambient daylighting has tremendous energy savings potential, but only if the electric lights get turned off, switched or dimmed. The Heschong Mahone Group, famous for their daylighting and human productivity research, studied an extensive list of buildings throughout California, Oregon and Washington from 2004-2006 to investigate what is working well and what goes wrong with daylight-sensing electric lighting controls. Abhijeet will report on their findings as well as offer several recommendations for improving performance of such controls.

October 10 2007
Mike Hatten, SOLARC
  Energy Programming and Integrated Design (74 min)
The very first step in the design process is to understand the purpose and use of the intended building from the perspective of the client. Some method of formal architectural programming has been utilized since the beginning of architectural practice. Energy programming – a process for understanding the
energy, lighting, controls and system integration needs of a building’s space and occupancy has recently emerged as a critical piece of the integrated design process. In this session, mechanical engineer Mike Hatten will share a structured and very creative process that can be used to more effectively understand the energy, mechanical and lighting needs.

October 17 2007
Steve Christensen, LCA Architects; Geoff Johnson, Eidam & Associates; Mike Wisdom, Engineering Incorporated
  Idaho Central Credit Union - High Performance in Pocatello (93 min)
The designer/owner team will discuss their implementation of the Integrated Design Process for the 60,000 square foot office building in Pocatello, Idaho. The presentation will focus on design process, specific energy efficiency strategies, and economic decisions from the owner’s perspective as well as that of the design team. The team will also discuss the first several months of occupancy and how the building is performing thus far.

November 14 2007
Gary Christensen, Developer; Ken Baker, K energy
  The Low Cost of High Performance (93 min)
Developer entrepreneur Gary Christensen and Ken Baker team up to present the case for financing high performance building design and construction. Baker will provide a casestudy of costs for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, a LEED Silver registered building in Eastern Idaho. Mr. Christensen will share his personal and highly successful economic model for making green decisions.

December 5 2007
Dr. Ery Djunaedy, Integrated Design Lab; Steve Pavlick, Insight Architects
  An Idaho Natural Ventilation, Natural Cooling Casestudy (73 min)
For the past two years the Integrated Design Lab has been working with staff form Insight Architects on a research design and scientific study of the natural ventilation and cooling function on Insight’s new office on Broadway Street, Boise. The data and subsequent learning from this case study are quite enlightening and offer good design direction for others within climates similar to Boise.