The Evolution of Building Design - Spring '08

March 6 2008
Doug Bors, Sophometrics
  Design Synergies and Casestudies (73 min)
This seminar will address how integrated design synthesizes climate, use, loads and systems to deliver a more comfortable, productive and energy-efficient environment, while meeting project requirements and budget. If desired, the specific benefits of integrated design in hospitals, offices or schools can be incorporated. This session will also present case studies across several building types.

March 13 2008
Doug Bors, Sophometrics
  Integrated Design Process (78 min)
This session will focus on the detailed requirements of successful integrated design. Learn the patterns, roles and responsibilities that cross-disciplinary teams use to ensure a high performance building.

April 3 2008
David Eijadi, Principal, the Weidt Group
  Net Zero Commercial Buildings: What Needs to Change?
David Eijadi, Principal at the Weidt Group in Minneapolis, will talk about what is required to achieve net zero energy commercial buildings. With the first goal of a 60% reduction in carbon emissions of the 2030 Challenge coming up in 2010, buildings with significantly reduced energy consumption need to be designed right now. It will become even more challenging to begin designing for the increased goals for 2015 and beyond.

April 10 2008
Walter Grondzik, PE, Ball State University
  Rethinking Building Commissioning: What has Guideline 0 Got To Do With It? (87 min)
The process of building commissioning has undergone a rethinking as a result of the publication of ASHRAE Guideline 0. The pending publication of a revised Guideline 1 dealing with HVAC systems commissioning will likely encourage more rethinking of this valuable process. At the same time commissioning is becoming more mainstream as it is implemented by knowledgeable owners and as it is used to support green building rating systems and the building design processes. This presentation will review and explain the commissioning process as defined by Guideline 0.
supplimental presentation: The Trouble With Sustainability