EnergyPlus Training Detailed Syllabus

Detailed Syllabus
Below is the complete list of topics to be covered in the EnergyPlus Workshop. Each session will start with a short lecture, typically 10 minutes but can be longer. The workshop will focus of participants experience in going through the problems anddevelop a good work habit in doing simulation.

Session Topic Description
Session 1 Simulation Overview and EnergyPlus Demo Step-by-step intro to EnergyPlus, doing A-to-Z simulation
Session 2 EnergyPlus Overview and Simulation Process Comparing EnergyPlus with other software and overview of building performance simulation process
Session 3 Geometry Development: Introduction to OpenStudio A crash course in SketchUp and OpenStudio
Session 4 Materials and Constructions Populating the essential components of energy model (material properties and internal gains)
Session 5 Internal Gains and Schedules Including new schedules in OpenStudio
Session 6 Simulation Control and Zone Control Running EnergyPlus with different scenarios
Session 7 Results analysis and reporting Different reporting options in Eplus
Session 8 Assignment Setup your own simulation work
Session 9 Scripting for EnergyPlus input Introduction to scripts and macros: automating tasks, handling large projects
Session 10 Weather Analysis and Data Sources How to find the weather data and what kind of data analysis can be made in EnergyPlus
Session 11 Daylight Analysis Daylight analysis in EnergyPlus: capabilities and limitations
Session 12 Advanced control system in EnergyPlus How to use user-defined control system: define your own controlled parameters and their associated actuators.
Session 13 HVAC Template Example Introduction to a simple HVAC template in EnergyPlus
Session 14 Energy Cost Definition How to define energy cost from the utility data.
Session 15 Parametric run in EnergyPlus How to setup parametric run in EnergyPlus
Session 16 LEED Reporting LEED Reporting
Session 17 Overview of HVAC Templates How HVAC template is used in EnergyPlus to simplify HVAC system definition
Session 18 Manual definition of HVAC systems HVAC definition: the hard way
Session 19 Custom efficiency curve How to develop efficiency curve from manufacturer's data
Session 20 Sizing HVAC system Can EnergyPlus be used as a sizing tool?
Session 21 HVAC system examples Simulating ground source heat pump system, chaning system components, adding DOAS, VRF system.
Session 22   Simulating ground source heat pump system, chaning system components, adding DOAS, VRF system.
Session 23 Passive systems in EnergyPlus Simulating thermal mass, night flush, natural ventilation and hybrid system.
Session 24 Introduction to OpenStudio OpenStudio is not only a SketchUp plugins. The session will cover a broad introduction on what OpenStudio has to offer.