Advanced Heating Strategies for Small Buildings - Fall '06

October 18 2006
Gene Johnson, SOLARC
  Solar & Thermal Technologies and Applications (74 min)
Solar thermal describes the use of heat from the sun to produce useful heat for buildings. Examples of systems for buildings could be passive solar or solar hot water heating. This session will provide insight into the current state of solar thermal for residential and commercial building applications. The presenter will also discuss heat recovery and ventilation systems and the advantage of ground coupled heat pumps for small applications.

October 25 2006
Stephen Lee, Carnegie Mellon University
  Thermal Comfort in the Heating Season (91 min)
Thermal comfort is a critical factor in building performance design for the health, productivity and satisfaction of a building’s occupants. This session will focus on defining, measuring, designing and controlling thermal comfort in the overall context of building systems integration for performance.

November 1 2006
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho
  Passive Design and Carbon Emissions (76 min)
Taking advantage of passive strategies should be the first system-based approach for providing heating to small buildings. This presentation will highlight international examples of passive design for heating and efforts to move toward carbon neutral buildings.